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About us

About us

Saba Road Saadat International Transport Company

In the field of international transportation, there are companies that operate in specific ways in order to provide goods transportation services around the world. These companies transport goods and passengers to their destination by using various transportation equipment, including ships, airplanes, and cars. In these companies, people with competence and expertise in the field of international transportation work as a team with Cooperation and coordination work to carry out cargo and passenger transportation projects. The working method of these companies is based on accurate and correct planning, and it is in this way that after checking the customer’s needs, the appropriate transportation route is selected for the transfer of goods, and then the transportation equipment is prepared to do this. Next, according to the type of goods and the destination, the appropriate type of transportation is selected, and after packing and loading the goods, this transportation equipment is sent to the intended destination.


Sabarah Saadat International Transport Company with registration number 248838 and several years of useful experience in the field of air, land, rail, etc., is proud to deliver the desired goods to their destination with the best facilities and safe transportation methods.

Our capabilities:

Carrying out all international ground transportation and foreign transit services from all the country’s entry customs to neighboring countries
Carrying out all international road transport and internal transit services from all border customs of the country to other internal customs of Iran.
Carrying out international sea transportation services from all important ports in all parts of the world to all border ports of Iran and vice versa.
Providing international air transportation services from all over the world to Iran and vice versa
Providing international rail transportation services from all over the world to Iran and vice versa
Issuance of all kinds of international transport documents such as TIR Carnet, CMR, Manifest, Bill of Lading, etc.
Carrying out transport services of all types of traffic, project, bulk and heavy cargo to/from all over the world to Iran
Carrying out international land and road tanker transportation services in the field of transportation, transit and export of oil derivatives from/to neighboring countries
All the above services are provided by all types of tent trucks, flatbed, edged, refrigerated, and 20-foot and 40-foot regular, open-top, and refrigerated containers, and all types of bulk wagons, LCL packages, small cargo, FCL groupage, air and ground mail, and for All kinds of export, import and transit goods are carried out to/from all parts of the world to Iran at competitive and low prices at the request of respected merchants and customers.

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